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For most of us, the action of getting into an elevator and heading up a few storeys is a part of life that we pay little attention to. We simply put our heads down, get into the lift and allow it to shuttle us to wherever it is we’re going- then get busy daydreaming and, ultimately, not thinking much about the fact that we’re currently in a elevator .

But, for some people, the prospect of getting into an elevator is an incredibly daunting one, and they’ll find themselves feeling incredibly anxious as soon as they find themselves having to get in one. This means that the act of getting into an elevator is no longer just a part of everyday life, and instead becomes something to be feared on a daily basis.

We're here at Elevators Ltd to try to ease any elevator anxieties you might have, so that you can feel a little more comfortable when you next have to get in one.

Many people don’t like lifts because they involve being kept in a confined space for an extended period of time. They don’t like the lack of control as they are completely unable to exit the elevator until the doors next open, and this can particularly be a problem when the lifts are more crowded. If you find yourself feeling a little flustered due to a lack of space, you just need to take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’ll be out any second. Elevator lifts aren’t typically very long, so you just need to keep telling yourself that it will be over soon.

There are those that don’t like elevators due to the lack of control that is involved. An elevator will move up and down as it’s been programmed to, and there’s no way that a passenger is able to control the elevator or get it to move any quicker. This means that some people feel like they’re fate is solely in the hands of the lift and its mechanisms- however, if you start feeling like this, you should just remember that elevators are programmed to run safely and efficiently, so you really do have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to elevators, the majority of us only ever see the interior and the doors. This means that the mechanisms and inner workings of the contraption are completely hidden from us, and many people fear that something might not be working correctly.

The biggest fear is that the elevator will somehow come loose and send them careering all the way down, but anyone that thinks this way should know that such a disaster has never happened before. Elevators are all maintained and repaired to a high standard, meaning that you never have to fear that anything will go wrong. Here at Elevators Ltd, we strongly believe in the importance of making people feel at ease with getting into a lift, and that’s why we offer the best lift maintenance services around! Elevator Manufacturer - fujihd

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How to implement this passing tika taka style into your gameplan on FUT 16

I’ve never been one of those players who like to use all these crazy tricks to get around the opposing defender, mainly because they never work for me. Instead I prefer to pass my way around, before cutting through the defence with a finely placed through ball. However with the new and improved ball control, my game has been drastically improved in terms of dribbling ability. It was immediately apparent just how responsive the players were compared to FIFA 16. In FIFA 16 the ball control response was good, but it always felt like it lacked the precision you would see in real life. Now that has changed, your player turns in whichever way you want with immediate effect. It’s so easy to throw a feint and glide past the defender and run through on goal. However, in creating this, there is a huge downside.

As the loyalty of FIFA 16 fan, I believed most of players want to score through Longshot. How can we do that? Now, we are glad to introduce the FIFA 16 Longshot Tutorial. You need to choose the right position to keep appropriate distance. The ideal position as you can see in this picture. Due to the Longshot has high requirement of legstrength, we need to use the player who has high data of Longshots and Shotpower. This is very important factor you need take consideration!

The footage can watched in super 1080p High-definition and contains actual gameplay of the online tournament in with the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final games included. You’ll also see us give out examples of how to implement this passing tika-taka style into your gameplan on FUT 16. With circles and arrows highlighting the appropriate players, this tutorial really will help you win more matches in FIFA 16 for the rest of the season. In this FIFA 16 passing guide, I’ll share some basic tips and strategies as well as discuss different kinds of passes in FIFA 16 and how to execute most

Overview of Alchemy Lab

- Introduction -
Alchemy Lab appears when the Assembly gets to Lv 82. You can refine stones to get Drachmas once Alchemy Lab upgrades to Lv 82. The price of the stone refined relates to the price level of the area (Click the area in World View to check the price level of this area). The higher the price level, the more Drachmas you make. The benefit will be doubled if you have Twofold Transmutations during refining. The higher the Transmutation of your Alchemists, the higher the odds of Twofold Transmutation. Refining is another way to get a great deal of Drachmas besides fighting Silver Mine Wrestle.

- Chemical Substance -
You can have three Alchemists in total. You have the first one when your Assembly reaches Lv 82. Once the experience of an Alchemist reaches 100%, he is upgraded to the next level. The level limit for each Alchemist is 10. Only after the previous Alchemist reaches Lv 10 can the new Alchemist begins to earn experience. The level of the stone you can refine is limited by that of your Alchemists’. The higher level of the stone the Alchemist refines, the lower the success rate, but the more experience he gains. Each time an Alchemist reaches Lv 5 and Lv 10, a special chemical substance will be granted randomly. Here comes the list of the chemical substances.


Chemical Substance Feature Effect

You can Renascence an Alchemist when he reaches Lv 10. After Renascence, the original chemical substance will be replaced.

- Quota -
Succeed or fail, each gamer can only refine for 10 times every day. But members of VIP 8 or above can buy extra quota with Gold, that’s, 20 Gold per extra refine for the first five times, 50 Gold for each of the 6 to 10 times and 100 Gold after the tenth time.

- Assembling Group Vs. Joint Refining -
There are two buttons in refining interface: Assemble Group and Joint Refining.

You can refine all by yourself in Assemble Group. In this mode, you can find two of the latest items you’ve refined. If the stone you refine can make a fortune, you can put a league restriction on the grouping.

Or you can refine with other gamers in Joint Refining. In fact, you can benefit a lot this way. Firstly, you have a chance to refine higher level stones that are beyond your Alchemists’ ability. Secondly, the success rate and transmutation rate of your Alchemists combined with that of your group mates’ are much higher. Thirdly, when you Renascence an Alchemist, he will have no chemical substance for Success Rate or Transmutation before Lv 5 and Lv 10, other gamers can help you out with their success rate and transmutation.

- Alchemists -

Alchemist at Lv 82: Follower
Alchemist at Lv 83: Bernard
Alchemist at Lv 84: Rhazes
Alchemist at Lv 85: Paracelsus
Alchemist at Lv 86: Artephius
Note: When Alchemy Lab reaches Lv 86, the Lv 5 Alchemist gains the first chemical substance.

Alchemist at Lv 87: Zosimos
Alchemist at Lv 88: Nicolas
Alchemist at Lv 89: Basil Valentine
Alchemist at Lv 90: Albertus
Alchemist at Lv 91: Enki
Note: When Alchemy Lab reaches Lv 91, the Lv 10 Alchemist acquires the second chemical substance.

Alchemist at Lv 92: Follower/Bernard
Note: When Alchemy Lab reaches Lv 92 and your first Alchemist reaches Lv 10 with 100% EXP, you can have a second Alchemist. You can upgrade him to Lv 2.

Alchemist at Lv 93 Rhazes
Alchemist at Lv 94 Paracelsus
Alchemist at Lv 95 Artephius
Note: When Alchemy Lab reaches Lv 95 and the second Alchemist gets to Lv 5, he gets the first chemical substance.

Alchemist at Lv 96 Zosimos
Alchemist at Lv 97 Nicolas
Alchemist at Lv 98 Basil Valentine
Alchemist at Lv 99 Albertus
Alchemist at Lv 100 Enki
Note: When Alchemy Lab reaches Lv 100 and the second Alchemist gets to Lv 10, he gets the second chemical substance.

Alchemist at Lv 101 Follower
Note: When Alchemy Lab reaches Lv 101 and your second Alchemist reaches Lv 10 with 100% EXP, you can have a third Alchemist.

Alchemist at Lv 102 Bernard
Alchemist at Lv 103 Rhazes
Alchemist at Lv 104 Paracelsus
Alchemist at Lv 105 Artephius
Note: When Alchemy Lab reaches Lv 105 and the third Alchemist gets to Lv 10, he gains the first chemical substance.

Alchemist at Lv 106 Zosimos
Alchemist at Lv 107 Nicolas
Alchemist at Lv 108 Basil Valentine
Alchemist at Lv 109 Albertus
Alchemist at Lv 110 Enki
Note: When Alchemy Lab reaches Lv 110 and the third Alchemist gets to Lv 10, he obtains the second chemical substance.

Alchemy Lab Guide by LasherLasher, 08 Jun 2011 10:30
Re: Booted
DarthwolfDarthwolf 08 May 2011 16:32
in discussion Forum Topics / General » Booted

so even though i'm not in league, according to gizmo i still have to follow his rules or he will attack me (yes i know with him its an empty threat but still) I also cant save a space in refine for my alt character Joy if it means booting one of his friends, even though i explained this is what I had done, i was called a selfish asshole. seems strange but there you go. so enjoy your new leader, just don't disagree with him or well you know the or..

Re: Booted by DarthwolfDarthwolf, 08 May 2011 16:32
DarthwolfDarthwolf 07 May 2011 17:36
in discussion Forum Topics / General » Booted

so just in case you dont know i've been booted out of league by gizmo for failing to follow his orders, not guild rules but the orders of some new leader that quiet frankly is a bit of an dud. now as this post was to slag him off, and after writing his name once i've got bored already i'll change the topic a little to this.

I will be taking the top 4 farms and mines with darth/joy as often as i can and i will put them in hoard mode while it exists. I'm telling you this not to brag but to stop u losing divs, now there are times when it will be other farms and mines and for this I'm sorry it cost you but those are the breaks.

as for Gzimo, start spending gold motherfucker its the only way your type can beat me

Booted by DarthwolfDarthwolf, 07 May 2011 17:36


Heros all varying levels due to renning

Amours all 800
Cloaks all 1.5k
Primary mount 4k
2nd mount 3k (got rid of 3rd mount)
Horns 300

137k prestige

Re: My Heros
LasherLasher 29 Mar 2011 17:33
in discussion Forum Topics / Feedback » My Heros

They are all horrible Darth…get rid of them all!!


Re: My Heros by LasherLasher, 29 Mar 2011 17:33

Position 2 will put you into the hardest part of the Styx Dungeon. The order in which you fight is as follows:

1. Get Sweep token (dont activate until just before you attack first mob
2. The Arae
3. Thanatos
4. Rhadmanthys
5. The Graeae
6. Take Aite (move across bridge)
7. and lastly Hypnos


For God of War it must be done in less than 5 minutes.

I have yet to do position 1 and 3, will post pics and explanation when I do.


Over The Styx Dungeon Guide by LasherLasher, 28 Mar 2011 16:15

Right click on battle report and copy link location.

It will look something like this event:fight|N2011013014401548

Delete the event:fight| to make N2011013014401548

and put

before the N2011013014401548


B4 represents what server you are on (B4 = server 4)

Post link into browser and bobs your uncle.

If there is any confusion then use this link…

How to Post Battle Report by LasherLasher, 19 Mar 2011 12:53
Pandoras Box II
LasherLasher 16 Mar 2011 13:07
in discussion Forum Topics / Guides » Pandoras Box II

As you can see there are 4 positions:

1. Stifler (need strongest player here)
2. Zaquire (easy position)
3. Lasher (2nd hardest position)
4. Trident (east position)

  • Stifler will go for Vanguard Force I; take and activate sweep token (NB!); and then defeat Hermes; Bia; Aristaeus and Apollo.
  • Zaquire will take Pallas, Nike, and Kratos
  • Lasher - VF III, Thoon and Pandora (3rd should leave sweep token for position 1)
  • Trident - VF II, Cacus, and Alala. (refer to pic below to see trident position)

To get God of War, finish scenario in less than 2:49.

2 and 4 can help position 1 (after they have taken out all their own challenges) if he/she is struggling

Pandoras Box II by LasherLasher, 16 Mar 2011 13:07
Re: Citys
Alexandria13Alexandria13 09 Mar 2011 17:44
in discussion Forum Topics / Feedback » Citys

thx that help alot

Re: Citys by Alexandria13Alexandria13, 09 Mar 2011 17:44
Re: Citys
Trent241Trent241 06 Mar 2011 18:00
in discussion Forum Topics / Feedback » Citys

Price levels in cities change like psyche gauge, etc (updates every half our up or down). It deals with refining. So when you go to refine, whatever the price level is for the host of the group/or solo is what your base price will multiply - ie price is at 100 percent, and your selling price for a gold slag is 5k, you get 5k upon successful refine.

Re: Citys by Trent241Trent241, 06 Mar 2011 18:00
Alexandria13Alexandria13 06 Mar 2011 04:19
in discussion Forum Topics / Feedback » Citys

So whats price lvl on a city and the prosperity? Are tthey some thing i can change are they some thing i need to know before i move to one of these uper citys? thxs for the info

Citys by Alexandria13Alexandria13, 06 Mar 2011 04:19
DarthwolfDarthwolf 05 Mar 2011 11:02
in discussion Forum Topics / General » Abuse

Noted - You submitted a ticket - There is no benefit to the entire league to view content. Dispute arose.

Abuse by DarthwolfDarthwolf, 05 Mar 2011 11:02

Thx Trent! Much appreciated! I try keep all tech maxed!

you can flank both Perse and Polygonos with same amount of moves

Re: Labyrinth of Thalassa by Red-DawnRed-Dawn, 28 Feb 2011 19:48
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